It’s Turbo Fire Time

One thing that I love about being a Beachbody coach is that my daughter Kaitlyn Drummond does it with me! This means that we get to go to the Annual Coach Summit (Beachbody’s yearly coach get together). We choose which trainer we want to work out with, the top coaches that we want to learn from and then of course the amazing times at the football stadium with ALL of the coaches as we celebrate our successes, new products and just kick up our heels!
I have gone on two trips with Kaiti, both times to Nashville TN, this year we are going to New Orleans! Oh yeah! In 2015 we chose to workout with Chalene Johnson and do Turbofire. This is a killer program that I have fallen in love with but I have never finished it. The music is awesome and upbeat, Chalene’s energy is out of the park and it’s just a lot of hardwork, sweat and fun!turbofire
I have decided that when I finish Country Heat I am going to do Turbofire for my next workout program. I have found that when you do a program with others you feed off everyone’s energy and excitement. With that said, I would love to have you join me.
Who wants to do Turbofire with me? We can be Fire buddies! ❤