All Access in 2017

A good craftsman knows that to begin and finish a job you need the right tools. Your health and fitness journey is the same. If you have goals that you want to reach wouldn’t you reach them faster with the right tools?

The All Access Challenge Pack provides you with ALL of the tools that you will need for your health and fitness journey.Total Access In 2017

Without having All Access I would never have been able to get the amazing results that I did with Insanity Max 30. I streamed my workouts daily for the last 60 days. I was able to look at the program documents any time I wanted, like the workout calendar and how to get started. I watched my workouts on my computer, my ipad and even on my iphone.

I drank shakeology every day, sometimes twice a day when I was on the road. I had a coach that I was able to turn to for support and guidance.

Why did I choose On Demand?

Yes, you can do a health and fitness journey without these programs, shakeology and a coach. I have done it before BUT it was a lot harder to do it on my own AND I NEVER got the results that I am getting now. I NEVER knew what to do for a workout to focus on my problem areas. I KNOW that my nutrition was definitely lacking.

Why do it alone when you can do a program that has been created by experts. That focuses on what you need to do and when. That helps with your nutrition by telling you how to eat, what to eat and how much. The meal plans are super easy to follow.

EVERYTHING that you need to be SUCCESSFUL on your journey is included.

So why are you making it hard on yourself?

Beachbody is currently running a special on the All Access Challenge Pack and I KNOW that you will be surprised at what it is.

Comment below for more details on the special offer and how I can help you achieve your goals with my next challenge…Bad Ass Beauties.

Country Heat…Disappointed?

The last thirty days have flown by. I admit that when I first started Country Heat I was a little disappointed. 😒coach

The group that I am in with Autumn Calabrese was starting Chisel from Hammer and Chisel. I love that program and had been very excited to do it at the same time that Autumn was doing it.

I was so angry that I couldn’t but I knew that just having surgery on my wrist and elbow, well there was absolutely no way I was going to be able to lift

I could have used my surgery as an excuse to stop. I could have used my disappointment at not being able to do Hammer and Chisel as an excuse to stop. BUT I DIDN’T.

I knew I had limitations so I just found something that worked for me. Country Heat. At first I danced with my arm in a sling to keep it steady, then I got to the point where I would let my arm down and just do they foot movements now I do it all.

So if you want to know if you can lose weight and tone up when you have to modify even a dance program…well come back in two days when I share my results.

Until then get moving! 🙂 Even if it is walking around your living room. Or turn the radio on and dance like no one
is watching.

And know that I am in a little town called EXETER Maine waiting for you to decide it’s time. I am ready to help you. You just have to decide that YOU ARE WORTH IT! ❤️week-3-back

Are you ready?

I have a group starting in January 30th to help you get started. And there is a spot with your name on it. 😉



It’s Turbo Fire Time

One thing that I love about being a Beachbody coach is that my daughter Kaitlyn Drummond does it with me! This means that we get to go to the Annual Coach Summit (Beachbody’s yearly coach get together). We choose which trainer we want to work out with, the top coaches that we want to learn from and then of course the amazing times at the football stadium with ALL of the coaches as we celebrate our successes, new products and just kick up our heels!
I have gone on two trips with Kaiti, both times to Nashville TN, this year we are going to New Orleans! Oh yeah! In 2015 we chose to workout with Chalene Johnson and do Turbofire. This is a killer program that I have fallen in love with but I have never finished it. The music is awesome and upbeat, Chalene’s energy is out of the park and it’s just a lot of hardwork, sweat and fun!turbofire
I have decided that when I finish Country Heat I am going to do Turbofire for my next workout program. I have found that when you do a program with others you feed off everyone’s energy and excitement. With that said, I would love to have you join me.
Who wants to do Turbofire with me? We can be Fire buddies! ❤

Country Heat Week 3 Progress

I have been told repeatedly that with hypothyroidism I will not be able to lose weight easily.  I should just give up and live a happy life obese.  Yes, it is a struggle but I am not giving up.

If there is no progress there is no struggle.

The struggle is real, I have to fight for every ounce and every inch that comes off and believe me I have been.  BUT I have NEVER had so much fun doing it!

I am on week 3 of Country Heat with just one more week until my final results.  You can bet your bottom dollar that I will be kicking it up this week. 🙂

Last week I continued to follow the deluxe workout schedule for Country Heat.  Every day that I was schedule to work out I pushed play.  I even started working out first thing in the morning instead of waiting when I have more energy.  This made a huge difference in my workouts.  I am no longer exhausted before I even lace up the sneakers.

I am very proud of my results so far.  I just had surgery almost four weeks ago so I was limited on what I was able to do with the arm movements at first. But that hasn’t stopped me.  I am kicking up my cowgirl boots and having a hootenanny good time!  ❤week-3-front

Here are my weight and measurements from when I started on December 26  and what they are now.

  • Weight     then…190, now…185.4
  • Left Bicep   then…12.5, now…11.5
  • Right Bicep   then…12.5, now 11.25
  • Chest   then…41.5, now 40
  • Waist    then…40, now 38
  • Lower Abs   then…42.5, now 38.5
  • Hips   then…43.5, now 43
  • Right Thigh   then…24.5, now…23.25
  • Left Thigh   then…24.5, now…23.5
  • Right Calf   then…14.75, now…14.25
  • Left Calf   then…14.75, now…14.25week-3-side

I have lost a total of 4.6 lbs and 13.25 inches in 3 weeks!  I still have ONE week left in this program.  I am so excited for this last week.  🙂week-3-back

Thank you so much for the support and your interest in this blog!  If you haven’t already please make sure to check out Darlene Caron Fitness where you can find more recipes, fitness tips, motivation and information on upcoming Health and Fitness accountability and support groups that I offer.
Remember to believe in yourself, stay strong and take time to fly!
Sending strength, hope and love!


When Should I Workout…AM or PM?

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my goose! 🙂 Can I say how much I have missed working out first thing in the morning?

With working out at night I am constantly thinking about when I am going to do it all day. workout-1Then something will come up and I push it off for a little longer, a little longer, a little longer. Then before I know it I am working out at 11 PM. UGH! My workout almost turns into a joke. I have NO energy! I’m not focused on it because ALL I am focused on is catching some ZZZZs. 😦

Pretty much I am going through the motion but only working out at about 60%!

This morning I decided if I had to get up at 3:30 to take my son to work that instead of going to sleep when I got home I was going to push play. Wild Goose Chase….ummm…again? I did this workoutone last night at 9:45 and I wasn’t impressed at all. I mean it was dancing and all but I really didn’t get sweaty and definitely wasn’t out of breath.
But this is what I had scheduled for today so I went with it! Wow what a flipping difference! I had sweat dripping off me. I had ENERGY! I had FUN! It was a completely different work out for me.

The difference? Night and day! lol Needless to say I will be making this change a permanent one. Do what makes you happy. Do what you have fun doing. Now I am celebrating a killer workout by having my favorite meal of the day….my cafe latte shakeology! I love that the TWO MOST IMPORTANT parts of my day are already checked off by 7 am.

Yup it’s gonna be a great day! ❤


I NEED HELP! Which Program Should I Do Next?

Life is short! I need your help!

I am half way through Country Heat and I am starting to look for a new program to do. I am thinking that I want to do a Shaun T workout.insanity-max-quote

Let me explain why this is such a hard decision for me. In 2010 I purchased Insanity. I was so excited to do it. This was going to change my life. I pushed play….did maybe two minutes of the WARM UP and said Hell no! This is not for me. i can’t do this. And it has been a WICKED AWESOME dust collector ever since.

Last Saturday I went to the Maine Super Saturday, if you live in this are and think you want to go to the next one, it’s in April. 🙂 Anyhow, I had asked in advance what the workout was going to be and when they said Joan was going to do an Insanity Live I almost didn’t go. I have so afraid of trying this cize-quoteprogram because I am afraid of not being able to do it. I know, you don’t have to say it.

I think I am ready to conquer my fears and take on this mountain but there is still this little girl inside of me who is saying that I can’t do it, It’s too hard.

To be honest, I know I would have to modify like crazy. I had surgery on my hand and
elbow three weeks ago. But I won’t be starting for another few weeks.

So with all of that said, how about sharing you opinion. I mean EVERYONE has an opinion right? And most of the time people are willing to give it even when you DON’T want it 🙂

Which program would you rather see me post about?   Cize or Insanity?


It’s not like I am asking you to do it with me. Although on second thought…I am starting a new group on January 30th and we could be work out buddies. Hmmm….


Country Heat Week 1 Results

About a week ago I was faced with trying to figure out how I could work out while recovering from surgery. The program that I had scheduled to do required lifting weights and I knew that wasn’t going to work.

Last July when I went to Nashville for the Beachbody Summit I had purchased Country Heat, I had even tried it a few times but actually never did more than a few days of it. So I thought that now was the perfect time to complete this program. Thirty days of dancing, no weights, no planks or pushups. Perfect right?

I admit that the first time I pushed play I made the mistake of not wearing my sling and my hand and fore arm went completely numb. This seriously scared the crap out of me. My son was not impressed with my desire to keep pushing play. But I promised that I would wear my sling next time and if I was still having issues I would put it off for a week.

With the sling I had not problems and could actually complete the 30 minute workout. My first week consisted of me working out with a sling and using the 21 Day Fix containers.

I was not very graceful with these workouts and had a lot of balance issues. I have two left feet. I wasn’t able to jump around and did not do any of the arm movements for the first week. I was sweating a lot so I did have hopes that maybe I would get some results. I was completely surprised when I took my measurements.


In 7 days I lost 2 lbs and 6 1/2 inches. Not bad. 🙂

I admit that there have been a couple of times when I did not want to push play. I wasn’t feeling it. But the ladies in my accountability groups keep me going. The motivation and support from them is amazing.

Are you ready to start your journey? Reach out to me and let’s talk.  I would love to have you join one of my accountability groups.

Sending strength, hope and love.