Be Your Own Inspiration

I was struck this morning by something I read in my personal development. So may times I hear people tell me that they just don’t have the motivation that I do. They want to know how I stay inspired, what keeps me going.

This is what I read in Girl Code this morning.
“If you’re feeling lost, or wishing you had a mentor or a positive role model,know that you have EVERYTHING withing YOU to inspire YOURSELF. Dig deep within your soul and call upon YOUR strengths to push you forward. Look back to situations where you overcame, and use those moments to prove to YOURSELF that YOU can do anything and BE anyone you want to be.”Be yourowninspiration (1)

That struck me hard this morning because so many of the ladies I talk to don’t believe in themselves. They don’t think that they can lose weight, make changes to their lives or start their own businesses. So they NEVER start.


Because they are waiting for someone to come along to inspire and motivate them to begin. I say don’t wait! The ONLY person you should worry about inspiring and motivating you is YOURSELF!

You have a choice. You can be miserable or you can inspire yourself. If it’s important to you, then you will find a way. If not, then you will find an excuse. #truth

Inspire yourself and others will be inspired.
Motivate yourself and others will be motivated
Develop yourself and others will start to develop.
Be an example first and then the world changes around you.

So when you ask me how I stay inspired and motivated just know this. If I want to be the person that I am today and not the ugly on the inside, depressed, self destructive and horribly unhealthy woman I was even 3 years ago, then I don’t have any choice BUT to stay motivated.

Motivation is the key to my change. When I start to lose it, then I can easily sit on the couch, stuffing my face and not working out. I can easily not work on my coaching business and let things build up that need to be done. I have found during my journey that I CAN NOT wait for someone to give me the motivation to keep going. It only works temporarily and then I am back to where I was when I started.

β€œI was thinking one day and I realized that if I just had somebody behind me all the way to motivate me I could make a big difference. Nobody came along like that so I just became that person for myself.”

Make it count!

All Access in 2017

A good craftsman knows that to begin and finish a job you need the right tools. Your health and fitness journey is the same. If you have goals that you want to reach wouldn’t you reach them faster with the right tools?

The All Access Challenge Pack provides you with ALL of the tools that you will need for your health and fitness journey.Total Access In 2017

Without having All Access I would never have been able to get the amazing results that I did with Insanity Max 30. I streamed my workouts daily for the last 60 days. I was able to look at the program documents any time I wanted, like the workout calendar and how to get started. I watched my workouts on my computer, my ipad and even on my iphone.

I drank shakeology every day, sometimes twice a day when I was on the road. I had a coach that I was able to turn to for support and guidance.

Why did I choose On Demand?

Yes, you can do a health and fitness journey without these programs, shakeology and a coach. I have done it before BUT it was a lot harder to do it on my own AND I NEVER got the results that I am getting now. I NEVER knew what to do for a workout to focus on my problem areas. I KNOW that my nutrition was definitely lacking.

Why do it alone when you can do a program that has been created by experts. That focuses on what you need to do and when. That helps with your nutrition by telling you how to eat, what to eat and how much. The meal plans are super easy to follow.

EVERYTHING that you need to be SUCCESSFUL on your journey is included.

So why are you making it hard on yourself?

Beachbody is currently running a special on the All Access Challenge Pack and I KNOW that you will be surprised at what it is.

Comment below for more details on the special offer and how I can help you achieve your goals with my next challenge…Bad Ass Beauties.

FREE 21 Day Clean Eating and Workout Challenge!

I have been blessed so much that I decided to pay it forward next month! I am going to spend the month of April sharing with others and helping them with their health and fitness journeys. Free of charge. πŸ™‚
I truly want to help as many people as possible in April in ANY way that I can. I have had so many other coaches helping me over the last two months and sharing their knowledge I figured it was time for me to give back some. And the way I am going to do that is by sharing what I can to help YOU reach YOUR goal in time for tanks and shorts weather. Spring and summer break are coming ya’ll and I want to help you feel comfy on the beach or on your vaca!
I am going to be holding a 21 Day Challenge where I will provide tips, tools, recipes and help you learn how to eat clean and not over complicate it. There will be some fitness challenges to help you tone and tighten and get ready for shorts and swim suits. I believe that everyone should look and feel good about themselves and not spend their summer like I used to…covered in baggy shirts and pants so no one could see what I looked like under neath.
Making your health a top priority is a great way to start!
Comment below if you want be added to the free group that will be starting on April 10th! This is going to be awesome and I can’t wait to start this with you! ❀
Sending strength, hope and love!
Darlene ❀

Far From Perfect

My journey has been far from perfect. I tried just about every diet known and might lose a few pounds but then I gained it back. It has been quite an emotional roller coaster.

My heaviest weight was 235+, why the plus? Because I was so heavy that I stopped weighing myself but I know that I still had to buy clothes in a bigger size. The 235 was the last time I weighed myself. 😦

During the last 7 years I have gone from 235+ to 140. It wasn’t a matter of not knowing that I was eating the wrong food and I knew that I had to workout BUT I just couldn’t keep it off. I was a fat skinny gal. I would lose the weight BUT I did not change my way of thinking. Which of course made it the perfect opportunity for the weight to creep back on and I ALWAYS gained back everything I lost plus more.journey

And now I am happy to share that things are going in the direction that I want…finally. I have gained control over my emotional eating. I no longer take laxatives or make myself sick to lose weight. I also don’t bike 20 + miles, hours on a bike to lose a few ounces.

What’s changed? The way I think, the amount of healthy food I eat AND what I am doing for workouts. My workouts are no longer than 40 minutes tops. Mostly they are right around 30 minutes.

So if you ask me WHY I became a Beachbody coach this is a prime example. My roller coaster ride is over, my mindset has changed and now I know how to lose the weight, tone up AND keep it off. My life has definitely changed and I love to share my journey with others. Even those photos that used to be hidden away. Now I love to show them because they show how far I have come.

I have an accountability group starting on January 30th and I have a few spots left open. Comment below if you are ready to fill a spot and get your own journey started.


Country Heat…Disappointed?

The last thirty days have flown by. I admit that when I first started Country Heat I was a little disappointed. πŸ˜’coach

The group that I am in with Autumn Calabrese was starting Chisel from Hammer and Chisel. I love that program and had been very excited to do it at the same time that Autumn was doing it.

I was so angry that I couldn’t but I knew that just having surgery on my wrist and elbow, well there was absolutely no way I was going to be able to lift

I could have used my surgery as an excuse to stop. I could have used my disappointment at not being able to do Hammer and Chisel as an excuse to stop. BUT I DIDN’T.

I knew I had limitations so I just found something that worked for me. Country Heat. At first I danced with my arm in a sling to keep it steady, then I got to the point where I would let my arm down and just do they foot movements now I do it all.

So if you want to know if you can lose weight and tone up when you have to modify even a dance program…well come back in two days when I share my results.

Until then get moving! πŸ™‚ Even if it is walking around your living room. Or turn the radio on and dance like no one
is watching.

And know that I am in a little town called EXETER Maine waiting for you to decide it’s time. I am ready to help you. You just have to decide that YOU ARE WORTH IT! ❀️week-3-back

Are you ready?

I have a group starting in January 30th to help you get started. And there is a spot with your name on it. πŸ˜‰



Put On Your Oxygen Mask First

There have been many times that I have traveled with my children when they were younger. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the flight attendant go over the safety procedures and say make sure to put on your oxygen mask first. As a parent I have thought but what about my child?
Put on your oxygen mask first.
This applies to other parts of our lives too. How many times have I agreed to help someone else, to add to my already busy day? Taking care of my parents, my children, my husband, my friends, putting in extra hours at work because of being short handed, putting in hours to help people that I have never met. Adding to my busy day.
The last person I help is myself, taking time for me, reading books to help me grow as a person, working out, eating healthy, getting enough sleep.
Put on you oxygen mask first.
If I don’t take care of me first then I can get sick and exhausted then how am I going to take care of others?
It is time to make me a priority. It is time to put on my oxygen mask first. It is time to focus on me and my journey.
Then I can help others. πŸ™‚
Are you looking for accountability, support and guidance to build routines to get results?
This is not a quick fix. This is all about building habits that will help you make the changes you want for life.
If you are looking for customized fitness and nutrition plans with me as your Beachbody Coach, then join my 30 day health and fitness challenge. I can hook you up with the All Access Beachbody On Demand, Country Heat, 21 Day Fix, Hammer and Chisel, Core De Force and tons of other programs.
Want more information go toΒ Put On Your Oxygen Mask First
If you don’t have a coach and you would like support and guidance, then fill out the application to join my next accountability group.

Happiness Is The Key

This year has been extremely shaky for me. I was letting other people tell me what I should and shouldn’t do to make me happy. I let them decide how I should proceed with my business to the point where it was taking the fun and happiness out of coaching.

People that I trust and love tried to tell me that coaching wasn’t for me, that Beachbody is a scam and that I should just give up and quit being a coach altogether. For a moment or two I will admit to thinking that maybe they were right.

Yesterday I went to the Maine Super Saturday with a fellow coach. When I first got there I was annoyed and wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay. I was struggling with feeling like a failure. I have been doing some searching within myself trying to figure out if it is worth it to continue with this. I have tried so hard to help so many but why did I feel like such a failure at this?

I was talking to a fellow coach and he gave me some very wise advice and I am so thankful. It gave me a lot to think about last night that’s for sure. Thank you Ryan Crocker. You were just what I needed yesterday and I appreciate your kind words.

I decided that he was right about a lot of things. I need to STOP letting other people take the happiness that I have found from being a Beachbody Coach away from me. I need to be in charge of my own happiness. Being a coach and helping other people with their journeys is exciting to me. I love meeting new people. I love going to events like Super Saturday and in July the Coach Summit in New Orleans.

BUT…one of the things I love MOST about being a coach is that I finally feel like I belong! The coaches that I talk with don’t judge me. They don’t call me a failure. They don’t tell me to quit. They give me support and inspiration to keep going.

This year is going to be about me. I am going to focus on my journey and see where it takes me. I am not going to focus on numbers or the different ranks in coaching. And if I am able to help others along the way, well all the better!

Success is NOT the key to happiness,
HAPPINESS is the key to success!

Sending strength, hope and love.