Happiness Is The Key

This year has been extremely shaky for me. I was letting other people tell me what I should and shouldn’t do to make me happy. I let them decide how I should proceed with my business to the point where it was taking the fun and happiness out of coaching.

People that I trust and love tried to tell me that coaching wasn’t for me, that Beachbody is a scam and that I should just give up and quit being a coach altogether. For a moment or two I will admit to thinking that maybe they were right.

Yesterday I went to the Maine Super Saturday with a fellow coach. When I first got there I was annoyed and wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay. I was struggling with feeling like a failure. I have been doing some searching within myself trying to figure out if it is worth it to continue with this. I have tried so hard to help so many but why did I feel like such a failure at this?

I was talking to a fellow coach and he gave me some very wise advice and I am so thankful. It gave me a lot to think about last night that’s for sure. Thank you Ryan Crocker. You were just what I needed yesterday and I appreciate your kind words.

I decided that he was right about a lot of things. I need to STOP letting other people take the happiness that I have found from being a Beachbody Coach away from me. I need to be in charge of my own happiness. Being a coach and helping other people with their journeys is exciting to me. I love meeting new people. I love going to events like Super Saturday and in July the Coach Summit in New Orleans.

BUT…one of the things I love MOST about being a coach is that I finally feel like I belong! The coaches that I talk with don’t judge me. They don’t call me a failure. They don’t tell me to quit. They give me support and inspiration to keep going.

This year is going to be about me. I am going to focus on my journey and see where it takes me. I am not going to focus on numbers or the different ranks in coaching. And if I am able to help others along the way, well all the better!

Success is NOT the key to happiness,
HAPPINESS is the key to success!

Sending strength, hope and love.


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