Beachbody On Demand – For Those Who Want It All

If you looked at my music collection today, you would see anything from 80s rock, pop, country to classical.  Yes, I like all types. That’s what makes MY world move.

I am like that with other things too.  I like all kinds of books, I like all kinds of movies.  I am very eclectic in my tastes.  Don’t believe me?  Check out my house, or the clothes I wear.

It all depends on the mood that I am in.
Well, I am no different in my workouts. Some days I need Chalene to tell me that I’m not tired and to keep moving. Then there are days when Autumn telling me that I can do anything for a minute is exactly what I need to hear.  Believe it or not, some times I need a corny joke from Tony to get me moving.

Can you relate?

That is why I am so excited about Beachbody On Demand.  Not sure what that is?  What about netflix?  I’m sure you have heard of that. Well On Demand is like that!  You get unlimited access to stream some of Beachbody’s popular workouts. And…ALL of the program guides, nutrition guides and calendars are included.  How great is that?

I have done workouts from Country Heat, 21 Day Fix, Core De Force, P90X3, PiYo, Brazil Butt Lift and then I even tried Tai Cheng.  For someone like me, who likes a variety, this is an awesome solution.

I NEVER have to worry about buying another program that collects dust on my bookshelf.

I NEVER have to worry about finding the dvd and hoping that it isn’t too scratched.

I NEVER have to worry about starting that workout and realizing that I just can’t stand the trainer’s voice.

On Demand was MADE for people just like ME!  And the great thing is right now Beachbody has the Annual All Access which gives you access to  EVERY Beachbody program, the FIXATE cooking show and ANY programs that are released in the next year.  This offer isn’t going to last, and I will be making sure to take advantage of it , what about you?aabodbanner

If you have any questions or would like to know more, send me a message.  Let’s talk about how we can make some major changes in our lives in 2017!

Sending strength, hope and love.


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