Tips for a Stress Free Holiday Season

The holiday season can be such a stressful time and money can become very tight.  Holiday meals, gifts, holiday travel, and of course you also have the little things that you do for yourself.  Let’s take the stress out of it this year.  Here are some tips to help you save some img_5292money and give some freedom to your budget.

Beachbody vs a Gym Membership

You can save a few extra dollars each month by ditching your gym membership that you probably don’t have time to use anyhow.  Invest in a Beachbody program that you can tone up with from the comfort of your own home.  Not only are you saving money from not having a gym membership but you are also saving on gas and possibly a baby sitter to boot.  Beachbody has a lot of great programs from yoga to cardio to strength training to dancing.  Something for everyone.  Now I’m sure you can figure out something to use that extra money on.  🙂

Drink Shakeology

Shakeology can help get your body back into shapeimg_0382 and helps with your budget in the long run.  You get a healthy superfood packed shake that costs an average of $4.00 per day,
which is cheaper than just about any meal or that special drink you can get from Starbucks or Dunkin. Saving a few dollars each day may not seem like a lot but it quickly adds up.  Keep a piggy bank and put your savings into each day.  I was able to pay for an excursion or two on my last cruise with my savings.

Meal Planning to the Rescue

With all of the get togethers, events, decorating, baking and shopping that needs to be done during the holidays time is precious. Planning your meals in advance can be cost effective and allows you to be more efficient with your time.  Programs like the 21 Day Fix, gives you an guide to plan each meal of your day and creates a healthy nutritional balance while helping you to save money by not buying extra food that you won’t need each week.  This year, try to think ahead about what you are putting into your body and you will see the difference both financially and nutritionally.


My planner is my best friend!  I keep track of everything  in it.  My appointments, my work schedule, special dates, plus my health and fitness journey.  I keep track of my program results, my meal plan and I schedule all of my workouts.  My planner definitely makes me happy! ❤

I am getting ready to begin a new adventure in January. If your looking for motivation, support, tips and fun with other like minded women, but your not entirely sure where to start –then just fill out your contact info or send me an email at and I’ll get you an invite into the group!  January is our time to shine.  Are you ready?






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