Get Paid to Get Fit with Beachbody’s Health Bet

Are you ready to start the New Year off with a bang?  Do you want to get paid for working out?  A little extra cash for building some healthy habits?  If so then Beachbody’s Health Bet is for you!

What is Health Bet?

Beachbody is so sure that you will fall in love with working out and getting healthy that they are willing to put up some money to prove it.

How does it work?

We’re betting $2 million dollars that you will fall in love with getting healthy!

What do I have to do?

*You must be a participant in an active Challenge Group on the My Challenge Tracker app during the Challenge Period.

*You must have a valid First and Last Name, email address, and shipping address on record with their Team Beachbody Account by February 6th, 2017 in order to be paid out. health-bet-5

*You must log a minimum of (5) Shakeology uses, each accompanied by a Shakeology photo during each qualification week.  To be eligible, each log MUST be accompanied by a picture, you do not have to be in this photo.  It can be of your Shakeology on its own, your Shakeology preparation on its own, or of you preparing or consuming your Shakeology.

*You must log a minimum of three (3) workouts during each qualification week.

Are my logged workouts required to be Beachbody fitness programs?

No, you can use the workout of your choice.  Of course, I always recommend using a program like the 21 Day Fix or Core De Force to get some amazing results, but it is not required. 🙂

But remember, you MUST be using Shakeology to qualify!

Enjoy Shakeology by itself with water, follow a recipe, or create your own beverage or food item of your choice, as long as it’s clear it’s made with Shakeology when you take the photo.

Once the Beachbody Health Bet has come to a close, Beachbody will verify the results and the prize pool will be split equally among all qualified participants, both Coaches and Customers. All participants must have a valid First/Last Name and a valid shipping address on record BY 11:59:59 p.m. PT on February 6th, 2017 in order to receive their share of the prize pool. Any participants without this information in their Team Beachbody account profile will forfeit their payout.

Workout three times per week and drink five Shakeology shakes.  That’s it.  No pressure to workout for hours.  No  weigh ins.  You workout, drink a shake, and post them in your Beachbody Challenge Tracker app.  Super simple.  No stress.

How much money will you win?pot-of-gold

It all depends on how big the final pot is.  During the Challenge Period, from January 9th – February 5th, 2017, eligible Coaches and customers who meet the below requirements will win an equal share of a $2 million prize pool seeded by Beachbody! Beachbody is seeding the prize pool with $1 million and as a BONUS – for every Challenge Pack sold from October 31st – December 31st, 2016, Beachbody will add $5 to the $1 million prize pool, with a guaranteed total of at least $2 million, up to $3 million!

What do you need to do to join?

  1. I need to be your official Beachbody coach.  If you don’t have a coach, sign up here for a free Team Beachbody membership (If you are already working with a coach please reach out to him or or to see if they are offering challenge groups for the contest period.  Or, if you are not working closely with a coach, I would love to support you on my team.  Click here for how to switch to my team.)
  2. You need to have a month’s supply of Shakeology.    You can either check out the challenge packs to get a workout with a month of Shakeology or just order the Shakeology if you already have a program you are using. 🙂
  3. A smart phone to access the My Challenge Tracker app.  (Works on iPhones and Android – I’ll send you the link to download the app.)

Are you ready to get paid to get fit and healthy?  I am so excited to start this journey with you.  Just fill out the form below and I will get in contact with you to give you some additional details.   Let’s do this!

Fitness is a journey not a destination.  Let me help you on this journey.

(For some reason it is auto filling my name and email in this form.  Just click in the box and delete my info to add yours. )




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