Fit for Christmas

Did you know that the average America gains 7-10 lbs from Thanksgiving to Christmas? I say this year we switch that and lose 7-10 lbs!  One of m15328219_10206387152712609_121862797_ny greatest struggles during my health and fitness journey is what I eat.  I never know what to eat, how much and then the kicker is when you think you are eating healthy but find out it’s really not!  UGH!
Every year when the holidays roll around I have the best intentions but usually end up giving in to my bad habits and eating what I know I shouldn’t.  This year is going to be different.  This year instead of gaining the dreaded weight during and after Thanksgiving, I am actually losing and I am very proud of myself.  I am sticking to my meal plan.  I have tried quite a few new recipes and finding some that are not only healthy but delicious as well.
I am finishing up my last week of Core de Force and started the 21 Day Fix yesterday.  I have found that being in an accountability group helps me stay on track and keeps me focused.  15355942_10206387152472603_1425385641_n
I am so excited to announce my next group …Fit for Christmas. This FREE group will have a daily healthy recipe, daily fitness tip and a daily tip to survive the Christmas season. Plus…YOU get ME as your coach! 🙂
15356130_10206387150592556_1223593568_nSo, if you have a gym membership that your not using. If you have a Beachbody program that is collecting dust. If you have a treadmill that is being used to hang your laundry…well dust it off and let’s get going.
What do I mean by free?  Exactly that!  I don’t care if you are walking, using a program or going to a gym, you are welcome to join.  The only catch is that you MUST be a client, a personally sponsored coach or willing to sign up with me as your free Beachbody coach.
Space is limited so contact me today to reserve your spot. .
If your not a client but would like to sign up with me as your free coach, message me and I will send the link. 🙂

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