3 Day Refresh Results

Struggling with my nutrition has always been my down fall. So I decided before I had my surgery to get it under control. I needed something that would help me with my sugar cravings and my binge eating.

I started the 3 Day Refresh on December 1st and I am so happy with my results. I NEVER felt hungry. I actually had a hard time eating all of the food I was allowed. it was probably because of the shakes and the water I was drinking. Oh my. 🙂


Here are my results:
Dec 1 / Dec 3
Chest 40 / 39.5
Left Arm 11.5 / 11
Right Arm 11.5 / 11.25
Waist 37.25 / 36.25
Hips 41 / 40.25
Left Thigh 22 / 21.5
Right Thigh 22 / 21.5
Weight 192 / 188.6

So in three days I lost 3.4 lbs and 4 inches. I couldn’t be happier with those results. But the best thing is that I am not craving today. I stuck to my meal plan 100% and even did two workouts tonight.

I am finishing up my last week of Core De Force and have started a new group called Your Fit Journey with Autumn Calabrese. This group has OVER 28.000 members. WOW!!!! The motivation in this group in insane! 🙂 We are starting the 21 Day Fix today and OH MY doing both workouts was killer!

I am going to be starting a free fitness group soon. If you have a gym membership that your not using. If you have a beachbody program that is collecting dust. If you have a treadmill that is being used to hang your laundry…well dust it off and let’s get going.

Space is going to be limited so if you or a friend are ready to get your duster out and get moving hit me up, I would love to chat and reserve your space in the group. 🙂


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