The Secret to Success

My health hasn’t always been at the top of my priorities. My family always came first. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have spent many hours at football games, soccer games, endless wrestling meets and don’t forget track! For all three kids! I don’t even want to think about how many hours at practices and driving back and forth to all of this would total.


As I was waiting in the car for a practice to end, or driving home late at night from a game, I put on the pounds. I ate fast food all of the time. I think we made eating a full time sport as well.1919362_1091529023399_6135210_n As the weight crept on, my asthma got worse.1382013_10200139816373105_94249060_n

I remember one wrestling meet at the Portland Civic Center, where my son was going for an important match. I waited impatiently for them to call his name, and when they did, lo and behold it was on the other end of the civic center. I jumped out of my chair and raced all 220+ lbs of me to the mat. Only to get there just as they raised his hand. He had won but I felt defeated. I couldn’t even get from one end of the building to the other without getting out my inhaler.

I decided enough was enough. I talked to my mom and we decided to challenge each other to lose 1 lb a week. So, I counted calories and spent hours on my stationary bike. I would sit on my bike while I would watch the biggest loser, one hour. I would watch other tv shows and bike. After 52 weeks and many hours on the bike, I lost the 52 lbs and went on a fabulous cruise with my mom.


But…as time went by that weight slowly crept back on. Why? I hadn’t made any real changes in my life. I was still eating the same food that had made me heavy to begin with. I didn’t have time to bike for 2 hours a day to keep the lbs off. I lost motivation. I was tired, I was depressed and I didn’t care anymore. I had failed to keep the weight off.
Here I am back at where I started plus I had gained additional weight. Ugh! What do I do now? I had to find a different challenge, more motivation and in came my coach Amanda. She told me about her challenge group and that she thought I would do great with it. I felt completely defeated but I figured why not? So, I ordered the 21 Day Fix and joined her group. I lost weight and I lost inches.
What is the secret? Challenge/Accountability groups. It doesn’t matter what you call it. They are a great way to stay motivated, inspired and get the support that I desperately need. I learned about clean eating, I did mini fitness challenges, and I started doing some personal development. Crazy at this sounds it worked!
I am thankful for the ladies in my challenge groups.  I help them and they help me.  It is a win win for all of us.  Send me a message or comment below for more info about my groups and if they might be a good fit for you as well.


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