Are You Struggling?

Are you struggling with what to eat? Let’s be real for a moment.  I know a lot of people and I mean a lot, who say they exercise every day but they can’t figure out why they haven’t started toning up.  They still have their belly flab.  I will admit that I was just like them.

So, now my first question to them is what are you eating?  It doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter what you are doing for workouts, if you are not watching what you put in your mouth, you will not see the results that you want to see.

Just because you (or me), workout hard and are sweating like you just stepped out of the shower, doesn’t mean that you get to have a giant piece of chocolate cake.  Do you really think you will get trim and toned that way?  No!

So, what do I have to do?  I work out hard every day.  That doesn’t mean going for a leisurely stroll, that means breaking a sweat, getting your heart rate up.  Ok?  Check.  Next step, I log.  I log everything that I do,  I log everything that I eat and I log everything that I drink.  Drink?  Yes, drink!  Drinks can be a downfall if you are not careful.  Just because something says it is a diet soda does not mean it is good for you.

Ok, so maybe you are not sure what is good for you and what is not.  Let’s face it, there have been a lot of fad diets saying no carbs, no fat, tons of protein, eat all the bacon you want etc.

Send me a message and let’s talk.  I spent so much time struggling with my nutrition that it boggles the mind. Now, I have simplified it and between my logging, meal plans and prep, plus my containers, life is much easier for me.  I am starting to get the lasting results that I want, and all because I changed how I viewed what was in my kitchen and my workouts.

Thank you so much for the support and your interest in this blog!  If you haven’t already please make sure to check out Darlene Caron Fitness where you can find more recipes, fitness tips, motivation and information on upcoming Health and Fitness Challenge groups that I offer.

Make sure to check back often as I will be adding more of my favorite recipes daily.


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