Are You Planning to Fail?

Looking back on my journey I have come to a few conclusions, I plan to fail.  Now, I ‘m sure your wondering why I would say that…before you click the little X and find something else to read, let me explain.

I get all excited about starting that new program, I read through the materials and think ok, I’ve got this.  But most of the time I did not plan my meals and I did not plan out my workouts.  When I finally fumble my way through the program, yes I would get results, but then I have no idea where to go from there.  I would take a few days off to give myself a chance to relax, maybe even time to eat some of the foods that I felt I was denying myself.

Guess what happened?  I ate the foods, I gained back some of the weight and I got lazy from not working out, which made it even harder to start again.

I’m not saying you can’t take a rest day, I’m just saying make sure you plan it out.  WRITE it down.  WRITE down your meals. Keep track of EVERYTHING!

I am halfway through Core De Force right now.  I could easily stay focused on this program and not worry about what is going to come after but that would not help me.  I  NEED to plan it all out.  I NEED to focus on what lies ahead and I NEED to tell my friends and family so I can hold myself accountable.

I have joined Your Fit Journey with Autumn Calabrese.  With this, every day is planned out from December 5th until March.  We are going to do one round of 21 Day Fix, one round of Chisel, one round of 21 Day Fix Extreme and one round of Country Heat.  It is a huge group, so I am going to create a smaller, inner circle group on the challenge tracker app for anyone who wants to join me.  Even if it is for only one of the programs.

Here are the calendars that I have created to keep me on track and once I figure out the meal plans I will share them as well.


If your interested in joining the group to stay accountable for one program or all four of them either comment below or send me a request via email  You can also find me

Sending strength, love and hope.


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